How to Combat the I Hate My Job Mentality

Most of us will spend one third of our entire life working, which is why being happy (or even just content) at work is critical for emotional and physical wellbeing. But all too often we find ourselves falling prey to the “I Hate My Job” mentality, which makes going to work a real slog.

There are a myriad of reasons why your once dream job can turn sour: like a bad boss, boring work assignments, lack of growth opportunities or no work/life balance. Whatever it may be, here are some great ways to help improve your mindset and situation before you start looking for your next gig.

How To Change Your Mindset At Work

  • Self-Reflect – make a list of what you personally can do to improve your day-to-day work experience. Sometimes little things like a standing desk or new responsibilities/challenges can infuse new life into the day-to-day.
  • Talk to someone – I recommend speaking to your boss directly but if you are not comfortable, speak to someone in HR or someone who seems to be very satisfied with their role. Nothing will change unless you advocate for yourself.
  • Try not to let yourself fall into negative talk – with yourself or others – this has a spiralling effect. I know it’s not easy, but often times when we look for the positive in everything we actually start to see it!

How To Work For/With Someone You Don’t Like

Shows like the Office are a hit for a reason because they accurately model the complex dynamics at play in the workplace. Working for or with someone you don’t like is a real bummer. Here are some tips for making your work relationships better:

  • Identify what it is that you do not like (if possible) and consider providing constructive feedback.
  • Self reflect & try to be accepting – is there anything that you can do to better the situation? Remember, not everyone is like us. We never know what they are dealing with.
  • Stay focused on the work not the person.
  • Keep it professional. It is wonderful when colleagues become friends but it is ok to just have a work relationship with someone.
  • If the relationship can’t be improved, keep your dislike to yourself or directly with the person – do not gossip.

How To Be A Good Colleague Or Coworker

Being a good, thoughtful colleague contributes to a positive work environment. Sometimes simply modeling positive behaviors can go a long way to improving your mindset and the mindset of your coworkers. Here are a few ways you can pay it forward at work:

  • Listen
  • Smile
  • Offer to take work off someone else’s plate
  • Fill up someone else’s candy dish
  • Leave notes on someone’s desk
  • Say thank you
  • Fill in for someone who has a conflict or needs a personal day
  • If you get a bonus, do something for your team

What To Do When Nothing Works

Sometimes, no matter what you do, work just simply sucks. Here are some tips for when you find yourself in this scenario.

  • Look for a new job – sometimes we get stuck and it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Getting a new job may be just the fix you need, especially if lack of advancement opportunities is an issue.
  • Expand the joy in other parts of your life – if you are happy and satisfied overall your job satisfaction can also be positively impacted.
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