Why Looking Your Best Still Matters in Business (even during a pandemic!)

I have often been told that I have a strong executive presence – some of this comes from the way I carry myself but much has to do with the way I dress. If you look professional, you feel professional. It helps to build confidence and it demands a level of respect from others. Because of these reasons, I’m a huge advocate for having a signature style.

Signature Style Benefits:

  • Makes you more memorable (in an oversaturated world, having a signature look will help you stand out)
  • Boosts your confidence (when you know you look good, your actions and demeanor follow suit)
  • Saves time getting dressed (because wondering what to wear is a huge time waster)
  • Commands respect from peers (people believe how you dress is a window into how you manage your business)

People are often amazed I still get dressed every day during the pandemic. Sure, during this work-from-home period we can certainly get away with doing less, but why? Getting ready for the day makes me feel better and gives me a sense of normalcy. Plus, I have an entire wardrobe of fabulous clothes begging to be worn.

Because I conduct most of my business virtually these days, it’s important that my signature style comes through on screen. Whether we like it or not, our on screen presence speaks volume about our professionalism. And while you may not have control over interrupting toddlers or clingy pets, you certainly have power over your appearance and work environment. Messy hair, a cluttered bookshelf or an overly casual outfit is not only distracting to others on zoom, but it’s distracting to you too. I can’t tell you how many times my zoom calls have started with the person saying “what is going on with my hair today?”.

Here are my tips for looking your best on zoom:

  • Look in the mirror prior to logging in to check your hair and teeth
  • Designate a few shirts in your wardrobe as zoom shirts to make looking your best effortless
  • Clean up the area visible on screen (back counter, bookshelf, bed, etc.)
  • Adjust your camera height to a more flattering angle
  • Turn on the lights
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