Interview questions to Hire Your Next Executive

Having the right team is critical to business success, making interviewing a high-stakes task for any manager. Asking the right questions can give you a window into what working with that person could look like, helping you decide if the candidate would be a good fit for you, your team and overall company culture. After […]

How to Prevent Burnout as An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, the propensity to do it all, whether it’s because you’re Type A or can’t/won’t hire support, will have you running on fumes. But burnout doesn’t have to be the status quo as a business owner. Stop Burnout Before It Happens As a former corporate executive and serial entrepreneur, I’ve experienced my fair […]

How to Navigate Business Failures and Bankruptcy as an Entrepreneur

I had a successful multi-location business in the family entertainment industry. Like so many other businesses, in March 2020, COVID forced us to temporarily shut down. We hung on for months, hoping that things would turn around. Disaster relief funds helped some, but in the end, we had to make the very difficult and emotional […]

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