How I Transitioned from Executive to Entrepreneur

I am often asked how I transitioned from a corporate executive to an entrepreneur – well, to be honest it was not easy. I had always dreamed of owning my own business but I also had been extremely successful in the corporate world. It was very difficult to leave the security of my executive job […]

How to Turn Life Defining Moments into Power Moves

A power move is doing something crazy, unexpected, or out of the ordinary. I have had a few of these…some worked and some did not but all had a significant impact on my life. Like when I moved to England and left my first husband. I needed a fresh start. I needed to leave my […]

How I Took Back My Life – My Story of Sexual Abuse & Trauma

Did you know that one in five girls is a victim of sexual abuse? I am one of these girls. I wanted to share my story not for pity, but to let people know that abuse is far too common and the effects are life long. Long-Term Effects Of Abuse I was abused by multiple […]

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