Get Paid What You’re Worth

It’s no secret that women still make less than men. Worried that you’re underpaid for your role/experience level? Then do some salary research. There are numerous online salary calculators and average salary data available. Check it out!  You could also talk to local recruiters in your industry to get an idea of what you should […]

How to Find a Mentor

One of the best ways to accelerate career growth is to find a mentor. Someone that can be your champion and help you better navigate your profession and industry. Because a mentor is typically more senior, you’ll learn to avoid their mistakes and use their successes as a blueprint. Mentors often come along when you […]

How to Quit Your Job Without Burning Bridges

The average person will have 12 different jobs in their lifetime, ranging from jobs you may have done as a teen to senior-level positions prior to retirement. Changing jobs is a normal and expected part of any career, whether it’s for the positive (you find a better position) or negative (you’re laid off or fired). […]

How To Ask For A Raise

Asking for a raise can be nerve wracking. Especially if you plan to have the conversation outside the typical review period where these types of conversations come up naturally. Here are some tips that will prepare you for the conversation. Make sure you are going above and beyond what is expected in the role Be […]

How I Identified My Business Strengths

Getting a business degree is pretty general so it can take a while to find what it is you are truly good at in the real world. As a woman, you tend to get pushed toward sales, marketing and HR roles – which for some is great but not the right fit for me. Finding […]

How I Define Success

How you define success has a real impact on happiness and self-worth. Remember, it’s not all about money, likes and fame. Here are the ways I define professional and personal success in my life. Professionally I am financially stable I am being challenged and learning I am leading others to their greatest potential I am […]

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