How I Define Success

How you define success has a real impact on happiness and self-worth. Remember, it’s not all about money, likes and fame. Here are the ways I define professional and personal success in my life.


  • I am financially stable
  • I am being challenged and learning
  • I am leading others to their greatest potential
  • I am doing something that matters
    • Personally

      • I have a healthy relationship with my partner
      • My kids are healthy, happy and growing
      • My life is balanced allowing time for family and friends
      • I feel emotionally stable and safe

      How you define success can change throughout your life, so it makes sense to reassess your life metrics periodically, especially after big life changes. Moments like the birth of a child, marriage, loss of a job, illness and a pandemic usually make reevaluation necessary.

      I would also recommended discussing success milestones with your significant other. How a person defines success is a window into their values and will help you better understand and support their life goals, alongside yours.

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