How I Identified My Business Strengths

Getting a business degree is pretty general so it can take a while to find what it is you are truly good at in the real world. As a woman, you tend to get pushed toward sales, marketing and HR roles – which for some is great but not the right fit for me.

Finding my true calling took some trial and error. My first job required me to learn all aspects of the business and because of this, I discovered the things I was best at were managing people, driving toward specific goals and running day to day operations. I loved getting through my to do list every day, training my team to do the same, watching our numbers grow and seeing the fruits of my labor.

I also loved to solve problems…whether that was scheduling issues with staff, customer service problems or managing through a downturn in business. I became known as a turnaround leader. I could go into a challenged division or business, assess the team and situation, make a plan to fix it and implement it. As I grew in my career, I was able to define myself as a multi-unit operations leader with a specific focus on turnarounds. And this is what I looked for when I was seeking my next opportunity whether in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur.

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